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LALIQUE INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO The experimental and expressive laboratory of creating concepts in the art of living. Ever since it was built at the start of the 18th century, the Hotel Particulier Rouché, on Rue de Prony, has been a temple to the arts. It showcases Decorative Arts, with Art Deco furnishings, and Lyrical Arts, with its grand music room which hosted recitals and concerts in its day. René Lalique greatly contributed to the grandeur of the period by creating exquisite decorative designs, such as a vast chandelier adorned with dragonflies and beetles, sconces in the shape of wheat sheaves and door handles embellished with blades of wheat. Inspired by the abundance of greenery on the building’s facade, and in keeping with the eloquent theme of Contemporary Nature, the design team at LIDS have chosen to continue this creative story throughout the interior of the property. Entirely refurbished at the start of 2023 to accommodate the LALIQUE SA international head office, the mansion has been adorned with new bespoke decor created by LIDS , based around a fundamental design principle : The use of crystal to convey a unique poetic journey, expressed through a variety of iconic motifs. Light and crystal work together in different ways, to reflect the distinct proportions of each space. This has resulted in a remarkable architectural symphony.

Throughout the property, the LIDS has created audacious crystal designs that blend iconic motifs with contemporary creative touches.

30 rue de Prony, Paris 17

30 leaves

As soon as you enter the mansion, your eyes are instantly drawn to a magnificent lighting installation. The lianes of CHAMPS-ÉLYSÉES leaves designed by the LIDS are arranged as a dense, MAJESTIC constellation. As visitors pass by, a whirlwind of leaves gently sways. The crystal forms float like a cloud, each with its own light source. The glow of each satin-finished, re-polished CRYSTAL diffuses subtle rays of light. Each individual leaf is suspended from the ceiling and encircled by a plaster ring to form a stunning chandelier. CHAMPS ÉLYSÉES Luminous constellation lianes





On the staircase, these shimmering CRYSTAL leaves in gold luster with satin gilded metal, float above the steps. Connected by a series of lianes, they cascade from the ceiling to the floor over a distance of around ten metres in a spectacular shower of sparkling foliage. These LEAVES radiate a wonderfully warm glow that contrasts with the stained glass windows and Lauriers panels of the staircase.


BESPOKE DESIGNS: 13 CHAMPS-ÉLYSÉES leaves in clear crystal with gold satin-finished mounts, attached to three lianes approximately 10 metres high. An LED lights up each crystal leaf.

13 leaves

Majestic architectural panels and doors LAURIERS


The refined LAURIERS motifs can also be found on the doors between the large meeting rooms. Thanks to UV bonding, a technique developed by the LIDS , the crystals on transparency is enhanced in daylight. Thin black aluminium frames encase the extra-white glass and CRYSTAL screens and doors. CRYSTAL as an architectural feature really is to be experienced. The satin to clear gradient of the glass complements the CRYSTAL motifs.



For the mansion’s imposing staircase, the LIDS created a graphic wrought-iron banister, inspired by the two original ART DECO stained-glass windows that graced the flight of stairs long before Lalique SA’s arrival. Light passes through musical instruments depicted in the stained-glass windows and through the Lauriers crystal created by the LIDS . The repetition of these 20 satin-finished and re-polished panels, framed in matt black, heralds a new form of expression for LALIQUE ’s decorative panels. The imposing staircase LAURIERS 7.

MERLES Panel composition


In the entrance hall, visitors are also greeted by images of MERLES & RAISINS . The LIDS uses two techniques to highlight the beauty of its crystal panel designs in each project. The first in chrome framing and the second, UV bonding. These skills and expertise have been developed to the highest standard. To the right of the entrance, a mirrored composition is set in a mirror frame. A design dear to RENÉ LALIQUE , blackbirds play hide-and-seek in grape-laden vines, framed by a dense decor of laurel leaves or the delicate curves of the VIBRATION motif. From the legendary Orient Express to the LIDS ’ contemporary designs, the history of MERLES & RAISINS is a story of elegance and a tradition firmly rooted in the «art de vivre». 2.

The COUTARD motif takes on a new form here, the wall sconce with bracket. Inspired by classic Art-Deco lighting designs, this wall light takes the language of the existing COUTARD range and adds character. The bracket adds lightness to this imposing piece of crystal, here in gold luster. A crystal CABOCHON crowns the tip of the bracket like a jewel, a unique detail synonymous with the craftsmanship of LALIQUE. COUTARD Wall sconce 11 10 An inviting space with a welcoming atmosphere created by the gold luster crystal of the COUTARD wall sconce, a pair positioned on either side of the door. Here, the focus is on the MERLES & RAISINS story on display alongside. & RAISINS MERLES GOLD LUSTER AND GOLD SATIN METAL The LIDS has designed a small cosy lounge at the entrance to the executive suite of offices. Panel composition

& LAURIERS e s t i c ght BRAS LEVÉS FEMME w Ma j all li


A final original composition lights up the landing on the second floor. It features a motif of LAURIERS AND FEMME BRAS LEVÉS . The juxtaposition of these two iconic themes is expressed here in a more intimate dimension, enhanced by a satin finish gold frame and an integrated LED lighting.





1 - Luminous constellation of CHAMPS-ÉLYSÉES lianes 2 - Panels composition of MERLES & RAISINS and VIBRATION 3, 4, 5 - Majestic screen and doors with LAURIERS panels 6 - Panels composition of MERLES & RAISINS and VIBRATION 7 - The imposing LAURIERS staircase 8 - CHAMPS-ÉLYSÉES Lianes







Entrance 30 rue de Prony

FIRST FLOOR 9 - Ma j estic screen and doors with LAURIERS panels 10 - Panels composition of MERLES & RAISINS 11 - COUTARD Wall sconce

7 8




Photographer Fabrice Van Hove Illustrator Cécile Perrin

7 8



LALIQUE INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO 30 Rue de Prony, 75017 Paris - France

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